A New Chapter

In July 2018, Lantern closed its doors. While Lantern as we knew it no longer exists, our team remains dedicated to providing high quality, accessible mental health care. We believe we can build on the learnings, technology, and skills we attained over the past six years to support a population traditional health care leaves behind.

That’s why we founded All Mental Health, a nonprofit with a mission to deliver free and engaging mental health education. All Mental Health is creating a suite of apps focused on specific life transitions, so we can meet people where they are. Follow our work on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest, or say hello@allmentalhealth.org.

Our first app, Caring for You, is designed to support the sandwich generation, a group of people providing care for their aging parents and their children at the same time. You can download it here.

In addition to All Mental Health, Lantern lives on in other ways. Omada, Ginger.io, Spring Health, and two other health systems yet to be announced, have purchased the Lantern IP, and will be using it to deliver high quality mental health interventions to their populations.

While it was difficult for all of us to move on from Lantern as it was, we’re so excited for what the future holds. And we’re more dedicated than ever to creating a world where everyone receives the mental health care and education they deserve.