Behavioral health resources for employees and covered populations.

Interactive sessions

10-minute sessions teach simple concepts and strategies that users can understand and immediately apply.

Personalized coaching

Coaches provide expert support and guidance, helping users tailor the program to their unique needs.

Anytime, anywhere

Lantern’s mobile app meets users where they are, providing in-the-moment support when they need it most.

Lantern currently offers programs for anxiety, stress, and body image, with mood coming soon.

Help is hard to ask for, and even harder to find and afford.

That’s where Lantern comes in. Many don’t know what to do about anxiety and stress, or if they can do anything. We encourage users to feel good about seeking help, and provide affordable, instant support through our mobile app. For you, this has a lot of positive outcomes.

For employers

  • Identify and engage employees interested in stress management
  • Provide 24/7 access to programs employees will enjoy and commit to
  • Improve employee mental health by teaching anxiety management skills
  • Reduce employee burnout and increase productivity due to lowered stress levels

For health plans and providers

  • Identify patients who will benefit from mental health support, including those with comorbid chronic conditions
  • Provide evidence-based, affordable behavioral health options that patients can instantly access
  • Use Lantern's insights to inform care decisions for stand alone and comorbid mental health needs
  • Manage population behavioral health to improve patient outcomes and decrease overall cost of care

“It became difficult to make major life decisions because I felt so anxious about my future. I like that Lantern reminds me to pay attention to my behaviors. The readings are convenient to do on the train, so Lantern has become part of my routine. My coach, Olivia, makes it easy to stay engaged by sending me messages. It’s extremely helpful for my anxiety to have her listening.” - Kate, Lantern user

Reducing anxiety and improving lives, one day at a time.

Data shows that Lantern works. Each day, we’re helping users take simple and lasting steps toward self-improvement.


in anxiety

Users who complete Lantern see on average a 40% reduction in anxiety symptoms.

GAD scores

Online cognitive behavioral therapy has been shown to be as effective as in-person therapy, for a fraction of the cost.

How we’re working with our partners right now.

  1. Identify users

    Get Lantern into the hands of those who will benefit most through targeted channels and messaging.

  2. Integrate Lantern

    Incorporate Lantern into your existing benefits systems or clinical workflows.

  3. See results

    Measure at a population-level how users are interacting with and benefitting from programs and coaching.

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