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It started to be difficult to make major life decisions because I felt so anxious about my future. I like that Lantern keeps me accountable and reminds me to pay attention to my behaviors. The interesting readings in each Lantern session keep me motivated, and they’re convenient to do on the train, so Lantern has become part of my routine. My coach, Olivia, makes it easy to stay engaged by sending me messages and reminders.

Kate, Oakland, CA

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Barr Taylor

Barr Taylor, MD
Stanford University School of Medicine

I have treated hundreds of patients and studied web-based therapy programs for over a decade, and I know that personal attention and the use of evidence based techniques significantly improve mental health outcomes. Lantern combines both within their unique service.

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Denise Wilfley

Denise Wilfley, Ph.D.
Washington University in St. Louis

Dr. Wilfley is the Scott Rudolph University Professor at Washington University in St. Louis. She is an international authority on the prevention and treatment of eating disorders and obesity. Dr. Wilfley co-developed the Healthy Body Image Program, an evidence-based online platform for eating disorder screening and intervention, which is the foundation of Lantern’s body image program.

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Michelle Newman

Michelle Newman, Ph.D.
Penn State University

Dr. Newman is a clinical psychologist and professor of Psychology and Psychiatry at Penn State University. She studies the nature of anxiety and anxiety treatment. Specifically, Dr. Newman’s research has found technology-assisted treatments paired with traditional cognitive behavioral therapy to be more effective than therapy alone. This study serves as the foundation for Lantern’s anxiety program.

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See a 40% Reduction in Daily Anxiety

Lantern participants report a 40% reduction in their anxiety after completing 40 sessions.

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Anxiety rating trends down over 40 sessions.

* Average anxiety rated 0-10 each session, from a pilot analysis of 40 Lantern users

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